We at KAEG believe that you should share what you have even when little and watch it multiply.  So even though it has been a tough year for all, as is customary for us at this time of the year, we tried to spread a little cheer. KAEG visited South Belfast Foodbank and Faversham Foodbank to support families and individuals that have been hard hit by the Year 2020.

As a result of the Pandemic, the Trussell Trust report a soaring 81% increase for emergency food parcels from Foodbanks, including a 122% rise in parcels given to children. The travel through 2020 has been a particularly unchartered journey for many if not all, leaving families with irreparable losses. We hope and pray that the Year 2021 will usher in healing and restoration from the impact of Year 2020.

We wish a Merry Christmas 2020 and a Happy New Year 2021 to our brilliant workforce, wonderful clients, families, friends, and our struggling neighbours who at this time find themselves dependent on the network of 428 Foodbanks and other forms of support to survive.

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