Due to our extensive in-house structural design capabilities and experience, KA Engineering Group has been awarded many more headframe projects this year.

Headframes are built up steel structures carrying multiple telecommunication equipment supported on various primary structures, like monopole, stub tower and, lattice tower. They come in varying shapes including turret, triangular, square, hexagonal and circular headframes.

The structural analysis of a headframe may be performed using 2D or 3D finite element methods. 3D analysis is computationally expensive and can involve lengthy engineering man-hours. 2D analysis can be fast and effective, however, it requires comprehensive understanding of the whole structure so that a complex structure can be broken down into simpler parts that can be analysed using 2D method.

Furthermore, 2D analysis, in most cases, depends on significant assumptions in order to simplify the model, which potentially results in more onerous analysis results and may cause structure failure in analysis.  3D finite element analysis of headframe is able to capture the behavior of the whole structure at the level of each element and allow for better load distribution, which leads to more realistic and accurate predictions. KAEG structural team have delivered numerous headframe projects and we can use our expert knowledge to select the appropriate method for your application.

KAEG are always passionate in pursuing engineering excellence, best design practice and new technology to keep pace with increased industrial demand and provide our customers with cost-effective, reliable and fast turnaround design solutions. Contact our expert team at: info@ka-engroup.com to learn more and discuss how we can best serve your needs.

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