The KA verification service involves a comprehensive review of any third party structural analysis assessment to verify recommended design code compliance, fitness for purpose. Even in cases where a system is fit for purpose, we will very often make recommendations in our report for design improvements in terms of reducing size, cost and many other factors depending on the project.

The cornerstone of our package is great dialogue. We take the time to listen to you to wholly understand the design or analysis brief. This in turn enables us to fully verify that the proposed body of work meets the intended purpose in the most efficient manner. Our third-party verification and recommendation capability includes:

Package Description

Validation of structural analysis for telecommunication towers including:
  • Components local analysis, including finite element solutions.
  • Lattice tower and monopole GDC.
  • Strengthening and extension analysis.
  • Review and validation of components tests method and procedure.
  • Review and validation of design and installation method statement and procedures.
  • Review and validation of integrity management plan.
  • Fabrication and installation witnessing, and inspections.
Engineering report substantiation including:
  • Validation of report calculations.
  • Validation of report conclusions and recommendations.
Validation of Subsea riser FEED and detailed design engineering for:
  • Drilling, completion and workover risers.
  • Production and export risers.
Validation of wind turbine support structure assessment covering:
  • Onshore renewable wind farm structure concept analysis and detailed design.
  • Offshore renewable wind farm structure concept analysis, FEED and detailed design.
  • Onshore and offshore renewable structure foundation analysis and design.
Structural design substantiation using finite element analysis (FEA).

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