KA Engineering Group subsea IM program ensures that the Integrity Management activities of critical components of SURF systems capable of significant impact on operability are set up to meet and exceed industry regulations, codes and standards. KA Integrity Management program aims to define inspection, mitigation and monitoring needs for the subsea equipment required to avoid the endangerment of life, environment or asset availability. This is done through the identification and management of risks including identifying the limits of coverage and the roles and responsibilities required to execute the Integrity Management program.

Our structural monitoring program can be performed on drilling, completion and workover, steel catenary, top tensioned, hybrid, and flexible riser systems to provide real-time riser in-service conditions, wellhead and BOP stack motions for fatigue damage calculations, enhancing confidence that the riser and well configurations are functioning as intended.

Service Package Description

Our Integrity management package include:

Prediction of remaining system life
Inspection work packages and offshore support
Key Performance Indictor (KPI’s) generation and maintenance models
Design, Fabrication, Installation, Operations (DFIO) Dossiers
Reliability-based design
Cost effective repair, replacement or optimisation of operating parameters (including inspection and monitoring) advice
IM program management
  • Risk based inspection and assessment
  • Anomaly assessment

Structural monitoring of subsea components, spool and riser systems including:
  • Mooring lines
  • Drilling and Completion and Workover riser
  • Production and Export riser
  • Platform Jackets, Templates, Tethers
  • Vessel motions and excursions from well centre

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