KA Engineering Group has extensive experience analysing onshore wind turbine support structures to assess the suitability for intended purpose. We perform a comprehensive, integrated analysis of your system’s responses and loading.

Package Description

Generation of a Basis of Analysis capturing relevant design information such as:
  • Geometric description of the support structure and ancillary components.
  • Accurate description of site conditions – wind, climate and temperature, soil strength.
Detailed global finite element (FE) modelling of the wind turbine support structure accounting for:
  • Structural components present for the proposed configuration.
  • Site soil including relevant non-linearities.
Accurate finite element modelling of the wind turbine load combinations such as:
  • Permanent loads – mass, ballast, pretension, reaction loads.
  • Directional environmental loads – wind, soil response.
  • Deformation loads – temperature, built in deformations & foundation settlement.
  • Variable functional loads – personnel, cranes, installation loads.
  • Accidental loads – dropped objects, collision impact.
Industry code and guidelines compliant global structural analysis to assess system response to imposed loads with application of appropriate load and material safety factors. Analyses include:
  • Screening assessment of support structure and secondary structural components at relevant installation/operational/decommissioning stages for:
    • rotor induced vibration resonance
    • Vortex induced vibration lock in to environmental loading.
  • Fatigue assessment of support structure
  • Strength assessment of support structure based on serviceable and ultimate limit states (SLS and ULS) design philosophy.
  • Accidental assessment based on accidental limit states (ALS) design philosophy
  • Global bucking assessment
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