KA Engineering Group has extensive experience in the analysis and design of Flexible, Hybrid, Steel Caternary Riser (SCR), Top-Tensioned Riser (TTR), and dynamic umbilicals for both shallow and deepwater applications. This experience has been gained through the execution of flexible, hybrid, SCR, and TTR riser projects in the North Sea, West of Africa, Southeast Asia, Gulf of Mexico and Brazil, covering a wide range of specifications, services requirements, and environments. KA delivers efficient analysis and design of production and export riser systems to Operators, Installation Contractors and Manufacturers. We aim to become the preferred independent global provider of subsea production and export riser engineering analysis and design by offering the most technically innovative solutions anchored on organisational excellence. Our engineering analysis and design is performed using industry standard FE software including Flexcom, Orcaflex, ANSYS, ABAQUS and a range of validated KA Engineering Group proprietary in-house pre and post processing software tools.

Package Description

Our Production and Export riser analysis and design package include:

Concept Design and FEED
  • Feasibility assessment and concept design
  • Components definition, and material selection and configuration
  • Preliminary analysis and engineering
Detailed Engineering
  • Global strength and fatigue assessment, including Interference analysis, flexible jumpers, buoyancy tank, and suction pile foundation
  • Ancillary components detailed analysis and design such as transitions forging, riser base spool, and anchors
  • Weld and connection design, corrosion design and control
  • Technical and equipment specification and interface management
Procurement and Fabrication Management
  • Components procurement support
  • Preparation of requisitions, specifications and general tender (ITT) documentation,
  • PO management and expediting
  • Technical and commercial bid evaluation
  • QA/QC witnessing and support
  • Installation and repair/maintenance activities procedures
Installation Engineering
  • Lay analysis and installation procedures
  • Abandonment and recovery analysis
  • Vessel loading and general interference assessment
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