KA Engineering Group utilises FE methodology for Drilling and Completion and Workover riser analysis to capture accurately the interaction between the various riser components such as riser pipe, conductor and casing and inner strings and soil interaction. KA delivers analysis and design of drilling and completion and workover riser services to Operators, Drilling Contractors and Riser Suppliers. Our Engineering analysis and design is performed using industry standard FE software such as Flexcom, Orcaflex, DeepRiser, Modes, Shear7, VIVA, ANSYS, ABAQUS and a range of validated KA Engineering Group proprietary in-house pre and post processing software tools.

Package Description

Our drilling riser design and analysis package include:

Industry code and guideline compliant analysis.
Initial screening analyses to identify potential critical parameters
Detailed Finite Element modelling of riser system including pipe-in-pipe/gap spring modelling & interaction
Crown block heave compensator modelling
Coiled tubing, landing string and wireline operations analysis
Conductor – soil modelling and interaction
Strength and in-place operability envelopes analysis
Detailed wave fatigue analysis
VIV susceptibility check and detailed VIV fatigue analysis
Coupled riser, mooring and vessel analysis (semi-submersible and drill-ship
Accidental Scenario analysis such as: Vessel drift-off / drive-off analysis, Loss of tension, compensator lock-up
Weak point analysis and vessel “watch circles”
Disconnect, hang-off analysis and riser recoil analysis
Installation and stability analysis including length assessment
Running, retrieval, disconnect and storm hang-off analysis
Buckling analysis using Baur and Stahl methodology
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