KA utilises finite element (FE) and small displacement methodology for Global Design Check (GDC) of existing roof mounted stub lattice tower and stub monopoles including guy structures for support of existing and proposed ancillaries such as antennas, dishes, RRUs, TMAs. KA delivers analysis and design of new structures for green fields and brown fields considering technology upgrades with potential to reuse existing certified structures. Our Engineering analysis and design is performed using industry standard FE and small displacements software such as MS-Tower, ANSYS, SolidWorks, STAAD, and a range of validated KA telecommunication proprietary in-house pre and post processing software tools.

Package Description

Our rooftop and elevated wall mounted package include:

Stub Lattice Tower and Monopole/flag-pole Global Design Check (GDC).
Flange, Transition Adaptor, and Holding-Down Bolts analysis and design.
Tripod and quadpod (on concrete plinths or steel beams) ancillaries supported structures analysis and design.
6No Poles – 3No Sector Rocket Spine analysis and design including flange and welds.
Stub Lattice tower and Monopoles 3-D Headframe analysis and design.
Elevated wall mounted ancillaries including wall anchors analysis and design.
Roof mounted grillage beams design check for stub tower and monopole/flag-pole base reactions, tripod and quadpod, cabin and cabinets.
Free-standing gravity supported installation analysis and design.
Roof slab assessment for existing and proposed installations.
Detailed fatigue of structural components analysis.
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