Wind turbine support structures are engineered to meet local installation and field demands whether located at sea or on land. KA has extensive expertise in performing comprehensive, integrated analysis of the response of wind turbine support structures. Our analysis takes account of environmental, deformation, variable and accidental loads to generate accurate design load envelopes for your system.

KA is experienced in the analysis of the following wind turbine structures:

Steel Structures

Tubular Towers
Lattice Towers
Segmented Towers
Offshore Monopile Substructure
Offshore Jacket Substructure
Offshore Tripod Substructure

Concrete Structures

Concrete Towers
Hybrid Steel-Concrete Towers
Onshore Gravity-based Foundations
Onshore Pile Foundations
Onshore Rock Anchor Foundations
Offshore Gravity-based Piles

Service Streams

Onshore Structures

Offshore Structures

Integrity Management

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