Support Design for Cantilever Systems

Cantilever poles are used throughout the telecommunication industry to support ancillaries such as antennas and dishes. Frequently, the introduction of a proposed ancillary can exceed the capacity of the existing cantilever system, requiring new design requirements, new installations, and consequently, more money. There is a common misconception surrounding how to increase the capacity of a cantilever system.

There are two ways in which cantilever systems are significantly loaded, they can either be shear-dominant or moment-dominant (shown below):

If the system is shear-dominant from the forces presented (i.e. the weight load is greater than the wind load), and the connections consist of two sets of two U-bolts, the bolts will be loaded in shear. For this condition, the greater number of bolts, the more secure the connection. However, in a moment-dominant system, the wind force has a greater effect on the system than the weight load, inducing a moment on the connections. In a moment-dominant system, the distance between the two sets of bolts (or “lever arm”) is the main influence.

If the moment induced on the system is anticipated to exceed the capacity of the existing bolt arrangement, placing a third bolt connection into the system between the existing bolt sets actually reduces the capacity of a moment-holding connection. This is because the lever arm length is reduced in the connection: from the distance between the upper and lower bolt sets, to the upper and central bolt sets.

To conclude, for a shear-dominant cantilever system, a third set of bolts is an appropriate solution. However, for a moment-dominant cantilever system, a better solution is to increase the distance between the existing bolt connections, increasing the capacity of the cantilever system.

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KAEG – Promoting Staff Wellbeing

At KAEG we understand the value of our highly qualified and experienced engineering team. As such, we believe that staff well-being should take priority on our HR agenda. The 5 steps to positive mental well-being as suggested by the NHS: connecting with people, being physically active, learning new skills, giving to others and mindfulness – are embedded into our work environment and culture at KAEG.

It is undeniable that the option of working from home allows staff to stay very much connected with the people who matter most-their family. Our working arrangement takes away the stress and additional cost of childcare, with the flexibility to work successfully around family commitments. But whilst this is great for some, others might find the prospect of working from home an isolating experience. Our clever use of a virtual office, to compliment our working office, allows ongoing support and interaction throughout normal hours, so that no one ever feels alone. Additionally, company funded team-building retreats and activities, offered to all staff, have helped to build up strong relationships within our team. Our staff are very much connected with their colleagues from all over the world, and benefit massively from the strong support network.

As our staff spend a lot of their working time in their home office, they are encouraged to keep fit outside of work. In general, it is argued that the main barriers to an active lifestyle are: cost, a lack of time, a lack of support and a lack of opportunities. KAEG breaks down these barriers. Working from home allows people to save a lot of wasted time, that many spend on a commute, opening up opportunities to access a range of different clubs and teams. The company even offer a monthly reimbursable contribution towards gym membership to all employees. The directors lead by example, sharing their incredible sporting feats, with Kingsley being voted by his team as football player of the year just last December.

Staff are actively encouraged to pursue their interests, learn new skills and give something back to others. Frequent review meetings allow staff to have their say in how they would like to grow and progress. Cost of relevant training courses are covered by the company, taking away an additional barrier to growth. Giving staff a certain autonomy in the areas in which they would like to specialise, creates greater engagement and motivation for progression. Within our company, knowledge is our most valuable resource and all staff are given numerous opportunities to share it. This might be through mentoring other members of the team, sharing their knowledge through writing blogs or technical papers and through giving technical presentations during training.

Every month, KAEG hosts a meeting for all staff where they can reflect on the challenges and the successes over the last month. It allows everyone the opportunity to discuss any challenges they may have faced and receive support from the whole team, allowing them to tackle these with a fresh outlook. More importantly, it encourages all to be mindful, to reflect on the present moment and take notice of how far they have come.

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