KAEG Highlights on FE Modelling and Analysis of Special Hexagonal Lattice Tower

The Special Hexagonal Lattice Tower is a good solution for site-share, aimed at accommodating several telecom industry operators and to provide for spare capacity for future technological upgrades. The design and analysis of these structures pose unique engineering challenges requiring specialist finite element modelling and analysis knowledge.

Some of the unique challenges are

  • The modelling complexity due to the hexagonal configuration requires unconventional modelling skills to generate accurate structural model. The verification of such complex system response is only possible by an engineer with clear fundamental knowledge and experience.
  • The several levels of connection design check due to the various combinations of loads (bending, shear, and tensile forces) requires efficient pre and post-processing tools.
  • Finally, reporting must be simple and clear to both technical and non-technical users.

KAEG has the capability to accurately engineer complex and challenging telecom structures, including providing cost effective workable strengthening schemes aimed at improving structural capacity and life-extension.

Contact our expert team at: info@ka-engroup.com or kingsley.sunday@ka-engroup.com to learn more and discuss how we can best serve your needs.

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