KAEG Highlights on FE Modelling and Analysis of Special Hexagonal Lattice Tower

The Special Hexagonal Lattice Tower is a good solution for site-share, aimed at accommodating several telecom industry operators and to provide for spare capacity for future technological upgrades. The design and analysis of these structures pose unique engineering challenges requiring specialist finite element modelling and analysis knowledge.

Some of the unique challenges are

  • The modelling complexity due to the hexagonal configuration requires unconventional modelling skills to generate accurate structural model. The verification of such complex system response is only possible by an engineer with clear fundamental knowledge and experience.
  • The several levels of connection design check due to the various combinations of loads (bending, shear, and tensile forces) requires efficient pre and post-processing tools.
  • Finally, reporting must be simple and clear to both technical and non-technical users.

KAEG has the capability to accurately engineer complex and challenging telecom structures, including providing cost effective workable strengthening schemes aimed at improving structural capacity and life-extension.

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Back-to-Basics Telecoms Engineering

At KAEG, our core engineering strength is the culture of upholding fundamental structural understanding as one of the most important attributes of being engineers. The introduction of software into engineering design and analysis is perhaps one of the greatest engineering breakthroughs. However, this undeniable good, is also threatening core understanding of civil/structural engineering fundamental first principles by fostering complete reliance on these powerful black-box software.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, including 3D modelling, with spectacular 3D visuals are valuable telecoms engineering tools, enabling efficiency, improved modelling and accuracy, and presentation. However, these tools do not negate the need for understanding of the fundamental engineering principles. Some important axioms that we live by at KAEG are:

  1. Engineering software, including powerful FEA can serve as garbage-in and garbage-out.
  2. It is paramount to develop fundamental understanding of structural load-path and response behaviour.
  3. Always fall back to first principles structural engineering to sense check software results/outputs.
  4. Master and understand your recommended engineering design codes and standards.

A trained software technician can complete design and analysis, but a true engineer can understand, manipulate, validate, and interpret the structural model and response. At KAEG, we continue to drive quality by leveraging fundamental knowledge, techniques and skills enhanced by appropriate use of industry standard software.

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KAEG 5G Roll-out Delivery

The fast pace delivery schedule of 5G roll-outs mean that there is an increasing demand to deliver within tight programme schedule and to higher quality, utilising existing and bespoke structures to support heavier antennas and RRUs.

KAEG delivered more than 180 telecoms structural design and inspection projects in the month of August. We continue to demonstrate our dedicated support to our clients which includes other design consultants, design & build contractors, and operators. Our team of seasoned chartered and experienced engineers working to the highest engineering standards are well positioned to support the needs of the telecom industry.

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KAEG Structural Investigation Capabilities

The cornerstone of structural analysis and evaluation of existing structures is the availability of reliable design data about the structure. However, often, key design information is not collated or missing from the build stage of a telecoms project for assessment of the existing structure.

KAEG has the capability to conduct structural investigation using industry approved equipment and guidelines for a variety of scenarios such as:

  • Anchor pull test – to determine the strength of resin/chemical anchors;
  • Slab reinforcement scanning – to determine size and orientation of concrete rebars;
  • Concrete characteristic strength tests;
  • Bolt hardness tests – to determine grade of existing bolts.

We respond quickly to your project needs and can deploy to any site in the UK. Furthermore, our investigation team of certified chartered structural engineers can collate data that is meaningful to structural analysis, reducing the risk of a failed mission.

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Third-Party Substantiation of KAEG Monopole Detailed Design – Design Supervision Level (DSL) Relating to Reliability Class-3 (RC3) to EN1990 & EN 1090

Recently we completed the detailed engineering design of a brand-new tower. We were required to put our engineering design through third-party substantiation in accordance with design codes EN 1990 & 1090 which recommends independent verification by third-party company on the engineering of High Consequence Class structures.

It was great to see the that the outcome of the substantiation process fully agreed with out design results. The outcome demonstrates KAEG due diligence, efficient and quality delivery to our stakeholders. Our detailed but simple reporting/presentation facilitates the reproduction of our solution by independent third-party companies. The substantiation shows 95.3% agreement between KAEG design and analysis and the third-party company.

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Flange Assembly Design and Strengthening Using 3D FEA

The assessment of monopole base flange and hold-down bolts (HDB) assembly is often overlooked by structural designers and consultants. It is generally assumed that this assembly is structurally suitable and less critical. Furthermore, in cases where they have been assessed, crude analytical methods are adopted which results in over-conservative or under-designs.

We are finding that an increasing number of structures are being decommissioned before their useful life due to over-stressed flange and HDB assembly as it can be expensive to engineer and implement a suitable strengthening solution.

KAEG are at the forefront of adequate engineering of new structures and providing cost-effective strengthening solutions to over-stressed but underutilised structures to ensure continuous safe operations.

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Pushing the Boundary of Engineering Design of Met-Mast and Telecom Masts

KAEG started 2019 by delivering the engineering design of a 110m lattice tower for telecommunication and meteorological operations in mainland Europe.

This design included the application of detailed wind action on the structure accounting for terrain roughness, orography, turbulence, and structural dynamic factor. However, in addition to the typical environmental load combinations of wind and ice, National regulatory standards required that the lattice tower also satisfy earthquake (seismic) loading.

The design and analysis considered tower important class IV (typical for uninterrupted emergency services response and communications) to ensure that the tower remains operational during and after seismic events.

The design was delivered to accelerated schedule and in accordance with EN 1998-4:2004 and EN 1998:6-2005. This was a challenging but successful project with excellent client feedback on how KAEG team handled and delivered itemised scope to high professional standards.

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