In wall mounted pole structures, the design loads on ancillaries, i.e. wind load and vertical gravitational loads, are transferred to the walls through the anchors.The anchor pull-out load is limited by anchor and wall capacity. In the event of pull-out load being higher than anchor capacity, internal load bearing back plates can be installed. But if the pull-out load is higher than the wall capacity, a different strategy is adopted to redistribute the loads.

At KA Engineering Group, we have recently analysed and proposed diagonal bracing in wall mounted pole structures at two sites to reduce the cantilever overhang causing high anchor pull loads and posing risk to the primary structure (the wall). The braces are designed to reduce the dynamic loads on wall by redistributing the loads to rooftop. This design also optimises the primary pole and wall brackets and results in a cost-effective solution. If the primary pole is mounted near the corner of wall, the braces can also be installed to secondary wall mounted poles in two orthogonal directions.

KA Engineering Group not only completes structural due diligence for all telecommunication support structures, we also take further responsible steps to consider, advise, and optimise each site, ensuring cost effective design, installation, and maintenance for build contractors and efficient utilisation for operators.Contact our expert team at: to learn more and discuss how we can best serve your needs.

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