KAEG visited the Charity Helping Hand to show our support and appreciation for their good work. KAEG made a charitable contribution to Helping Hand to mark this season of sharing and goodwill.

Helping Hand supports the immediate needs of children and their parents at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children. The organisation provided a great deal of support for one of staff during a challenging episode when a family member was involved in an accident.

Although still in relative infancy, we at KAEG are very clear about what kind of company we want to be: the kind that shares its successes no matter how small or large with its community. As we celebrate this season we encourage everyone to stop and reflect on how we can support others in dire need with our time and resources.

At KAEG, we take the welfare of our staff seriously. We do not count numbers but unique individuals who are also entitled to succeed as they contribute to the success of KAEG business and stakeholders. As such, KAEG’s visit to Helping Hand is dedicated to the memory of a dear loved family member of one of our staff who is more than a colleague.

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