In our previous blog (click here to read), we discussed the structural and health and safety concerns arising from the increasing number of wall mounted ancillary failures recorded in recent times. These failures are often due to the growing need to utilise existing wall mounted steelworks to support bigger and heavier antennas without appropriate structural assessment.

In this post, we offer advice on how to structurally assess reusable wall mounted steelwork for new installations. The advice is valid for both major types of mounted steelwork connections:

  • Chemical resin connection – where are anchors buried into the fabric of the wall.
  • Mechanical connection – where anchors are put through the wall and fixed to backing-plates on the inner wall fabric.

An appropriate structural engineering methodology to assess the suitability of existing wall mounted systems must include:

  1. Complete non-intrusive structural inspection of existing mounted steelwork to determine;
    • Type and condition of anchor connections to wall;
    • Nature and type of wall (block/brick work and mortar joints) including natural degradation leading to loss of integrity of wall capacity and connections;
    • Presence of though-wall or surface cracks;
    • Presence of internal face back-plates;
    • Installation near wall edges and on mortar joints;
    • Inadequate and porous resin around anchors and loosed bolts;
    • Existing steelwork dimensions;
  2. Structural testing of existing steelwork anchors to obtain wall pull-out proof loads in accordance with guidelines from the Construction Fixings Association (CFA);
  3. Numerical structural analysis of existing steelwork for the proposed new antennas/dishes incorporating findings from part (1) to;
    • Establish that the utilisation of existing steel work for new loads is within allowable capacity
    • Establish that the new anchor pull-out loads to compare are within pull-out test capacity obtained via intrusive inspection in part (2).

KA Engineering Group not only completes structural due diligence for all telecommunication, subsea risers, onshore and offshore renewable wind turbines support structure, we also take further responsible steps to consider, advise, and optimise each site/field, ensuring cost effective design, installation, and maintenance for build contractors and efficient utilisation for operators.

Contact our expert team at: to learn more and discuss how we can best serve your needs.

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