The ever-increasing demand for better connectivity means a constant upgrade of the telecommunications network. Put simply, the number of antennas and their sizes are increasing. Practically, this means existing infrastructure, such as towers, needs to support heavier and heavier loads.

In previous blogs, we have touched on tower strengthening to improve capacity. However, what happens when the limiting component is the sub structure (foundation). Take a typical pad foundation for a tower, it was sized for a particular load, cast, and then buried under the ground. What happens when this load capacity is exceeded? Do we just abandon the upgrade?

Can the foundation capacity be increased? The answer to this is a resounding Yes! There are a few ways to increase the stabilization capacity of a pad foundation. The commonest way is through foundation extension, the steps of which we have roughly shown in image attached to this post.

At KA, we have the expertise to design the foundation extension to accommodate your proposed upgrade. We complete stability and bearing checks, dowel calculations and provide reinforcement drawings for the foundation extension. Contact our expert team at: to learn more and discuss how we can best serve your needs. 

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